Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Poodle Perm - What Was I Thinking?

Here's something I'd love to invoke the power of a u-turn on.  That awful perm I got when I was a Freshman in High School!

What was I thinking?

Thank goodness technology was on my side then.  By this I mean, the only evidence of the awful perm besides my own memories would be any pictures that were taken at the time.  And unlike the the pictures of today, they were not electronic.  They were only available in what we would refer to today as a hard-copy.  By now I think most of them have been lost or destroyed.  And the negatives are probably non-existent.   For you young ones who don't know what a photo negative is all about - just google it.

However, I feel bad for the gals who make a judgement in error these days with regards to their hairstyle.  Once someone snaps a picture now, it lives on FOREVER.  By email, sharing, texting, posting - a bad picture of you can be worldwide in a matter of minutes and you have no control of it.  There's no way to eliminate or destroy all evidence of your poor fashion judgement!

The only saving grace I have is that I know I am not the only teen of that era to have suffered through a poodle perm. 

Perhaps I may yet uncover a picture of me with my poodle perm.  But what shall I do with it?  Holding on to it for a memory would be cool.  But, I'd have to find a safe place to lock it away.  After all, all it would take is one scan for it to be broadcast for the whole world to see. 

I'm not sure I, or the world, is ready for that.

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