Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Poodle Perm - What Was I Thinking?

Here's something I'd love to invoke the power of a u-turn on.  That awful perm I got when I was a Freshman in High School!

What was I thinking?

Thank goodness technology was on my side then.  By this I mean, the only evidence of the awful perm besides my own memories would be any pictures that were taken at the time.  And unlike the the pictures of today, they were not electronic.  They were only available in what we would refer to today as a hard-copy.  By now I think most of them have been lost or destroyed.  And the negatives are probably non-existent.   For you young ones who don't know what a photo negative is all about - just google it.

However, I feel bad for the gals who make a judgement in error these days with regards to their hairstyle.  Once someone snaps a picture now, it lives on FOREVER.  By email, sharing, texting, posting - a bad picture of you can be worldwide in a matter of minutes and you have no control of it.  There's no way to eliminate or destroy all evidence of your poor fashion judgement!

The only saving grace I have is that I know I am not the only teen of that era to have suffered through a poodle perm. 

Perhaps I may yet uncover a picture of me with my poodle perm.  But what shall I do with it?  Holding on to it for a memory would be cool.  But, I'd have to find a safe place to lock it away.  After all, all it would take is one scan for it to be broadcast for the whole world to see. 

I'm not sure I, or the world, is ready for that.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Rememberance

If I had the opportunity to take one thing back, to rewind something I said and not say it, it would be something I said in September 2000. Yes, one year, almost exactly to the day of the 9/11 attacks. I could look back on the calendar and through my records to figure out the exact day it was, but I am afraid to find out if I did say it on September 11th of 2000.

My family and I were cruising out of New York City, as we had done several times before. On every cruise until that point, I had taken a picture of the New York City skyline. I would take it just before passing under the Verrazano bridge allowing for a beautiful full view. A view that contrasted the “old” skyline with the “new skyline”. The comparison of the small, vintage buildings being over-towered by the modern skyscrapers!

As we passed the magnificent site of the Twin Towers, my husband leaned towards me and said, “Aren’t you going to take a picture?” He knew full well this is what I would do every time we passed. But, now I had several pictures of the New York skyline, from the same perspective, from the past several years. It was beginning to seem repetitious to me: Taking the same, never-changing picture each year. In response I said, “Nah, the New York skyline never changes”.

If only I could take those words back now. One year later, tragic events unfolded. Events we could never have possibly dreamed could or would happen.

And the New York Skyline would never be the same again.

If only I could make that u-turn. If only I could go back and take that one last picture and take back those words I said. Those words echo in my memory bringing forth sadness and regret.

That was the last cruise we took out of New York City where we had the chance to see those beautiful buildings one last time. To take one last picture of them ourselves.

We still continue to cruise and we still continue to cruise out of New York City. I have not missed taking a picture of the city’s skyline ever since. The New York skyline is ever changing. Each year’s picture looks different than the year before and will look different from the year after. It is a photographic timeline documenting America’s strength to recover, rebuild and move forward.

Never forget!








Sunday, September 9, 2012


Tattoos. Before you get one, please think about it ---- LONG TERM. I don’t personally have one myself. Part of my trepidation is not the pain that comes with it, but what it will look like if I am lucky enough to live into my 70’s/80’s/90’s. 
Think about it people. Over time our skin loses it’s luster and resiliency. I don’t care how much money you spend on the best skin care products. Eventually your skin turns stretchy and wrinkly. Especially if your weight fluctuates. When your skin stretches out, especially as an older, more mature person… doesn’t ever quite return to its original texture!

My Dad, an Army man, had a tattoo. One tattoo. On his lower forearm. It was olive green in color, and was a symbolic type shape. He never did explain what it was, when he got it, or why - and we didn’t ask. When I was younger I would describe it as some sort of Army symbol in Army green.

When he got well into his senior years, I didn’t think much of it anymore. But, taking the time to look at it from the perspective of someone who hadn’t known him in his younger years, it was really just a strange discolored blotch on his skin. If it had writing on it, you never would have been able to figure out what it said! But, it was small and did not stand out. I bet some of my long time friends would even say, “I didn’t even realize your Dad had a tattoo!”.

Today's advice:  Please, think carefully before you body-art yourself. Especially if you are considering either a large piece of art, or one where the small details are important, or one with any writing. Because in 20, 30, 40 years, your tattoo will not resemble what it originally was.

Your kids and long term friends may remember the beauty it held from your younger, more vibrant years. But to anyone just meeting you, it will just be a blotchy, stretchy, discolored section of your skin. It may even look like you are suffering from some awful skin condition or disease.  Ewwwww. 

And when it reaches that point, you will not be able to make a U-Turn.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Here’s some sound advice. NEVER do laundry in a rush. ALWAYS pay attention to what you are doing. Otherwise you may end up splashing bleach into a load of colors. 

Yep….you guessed it. I did just that. 

So some articles of clothing now have some tie-dye-ish bleachy splotches on them. And it couldn’t have been a ratty old t-shirt or pajamas that no one would ever see. Nooooooo….it had to be the shirt bought as a souvenir reminder of a visit to a beautiful island paradise. 

But I can’t exactly make a u-turn in time to reverse this rookie laundry error. 

So do I remain really depressed about this, or is it a sign that I need to plan another trip there to replace it?

Friday, September 7, 2012

GPS Systems. Many people have them.  Have you ever had one tell you "Make A U Turn If Possible".  You know, somehow you missed the turn, the exit, the destination.  And it starts taunting you "Make A U Turn If Possible". Never letting up until you either make the damn U Turn or turn the darn GPS off.

Well, one time I realized, if there was a GPS for life, mine quite often would tell me "Make A U Turn If Possible".  Too many more times than I would want to admit!!

This blog will be about all those days, times, experiences when your GPS of life would certainly be telling you to "Make A U Turn If Possible".